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Welcome to Class Cabinet!

ClassCabinet is an advanced Learning Management System that is intuitive, flexible, and powerful.

Developed by a classroom teacher while actively teaching, Class Cabinet was designed to make routine teaching tasks as painless as possible, allowing teachers to focus their work time on what matters: students and teaching!

Consequently, Class Cabinet either automates or greatly facilitates common tasks through its many features, including:

  • Automatically organizing posted materials according to defined units.
  • Creating different types of assignments with pre-determined settings with a single click or file-drop.
  • Automatically adjusting due dates according to your pre-set preferences, while specifically avoiding non-class days such as weekends and holidays.
  • Automatically creating follow-up assignments for designated assignment types.
  • Automatically applying bonus points to master assignments.
  • Streamlined differentiation for individual student needs.
  • Automatic differentiation of due dates for students with indicated accommodations.
  • Simple communication with teachers, parents, and support staff.
  • Automated and customizable class progress updates to students, parents, and support staff.
  • Powerful discussion board integrated with the gradebook.
  • Straightforward and powerful online quiz builder.
  • And so much more!

Class Cabinet also provides students with a clear yet information rich view of their daily work and progress in the class, with easy access to grades, a "What If?" grade calculator, and easy communication with teachers about individual assignments.

While there are a number of learning management systems available to teachers, Class Cabinet sets a new standard of control and flexibility that can help teachers take their classrooms to the next level. Because it was developed by a teacher, it works with teachers they way that teachers work.

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Astronomy Picture of the Day
 ◄  Today: 2023 March 24 | Archive